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Build Route Options

Option 1 – Self-Build/ DIY & Subcontractors

Option 1 allows the client to manage all aspects of the project from the design to the construction stage. Choosing this option means the build process will be coordinated by you. You can choose the elements of the build you would like to manage yourself and will need to source suppliers and negotiate with subcontractors. The quality control aspect within this process will also be managed by you once the timber frame structure is erected by us. This option is the most cost effective way of self-building.

Option 1 consists of supply & erection of the timber frame superstructure only. Including sole plates, all wall panels, first floor joists, chipboard flooring or alternative and Trussed/cut & pitch roof.

Option 2 – All Subcontractors

As above, this option will also require a Project Manager, should you choose to not be involved with any of the trade elements of the build (unlike Option 1). Your Project Manager will be responsible for appointing all subcontractors who must source and organise their own products and labour in line with the build schedule. If you take on the role as Project Manager, you will be responsible for organising and coordinating the project, taking on all trade quality control inspection’s and any other associated works to keep the project on budget and schedule.

Option 2 consists of option 1, plus insulation to external walls and roof void, felt and counter batten to roof, and the option of windows and doors.

TFI Project Management (main contractor)

With this option, TFI provide full management of your build from start to finish. Option 3 also allows for input from the client should you wish to be involved. We will manage the complete project from the design to the construction details, building regulations, full fit out of the kitchen and bathroom chosen by you and finally all final finishes including decorating and all carpentry fixes. Also included is full management of all health & safety, verification of kit and scheduling for the project.

Option 3 consists of option 1 & 2 plus, you provide a full specification and TFI will provide a full turnkey service.

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